502 Bad Gateway - meaning and causes of computer problem

502 Bad Gateway - meaning and causes of computer problem

Gateway problems are not uncommon.

The error message "502 Bad Gateway" and their meaning

  • With the error "502 Bad Gateway" of internet users are informed that the gateway, ie the switching device in computer networks, not working properly. The significance of this is that the server does not receive a valid response from the desired URL.
  • To exchange data consistency of the server and the gateway is required. Once this is not the case and the computer of the server has not been programmed with the uniform of the gateway, the result is disturbance of the Internet protocol, and therefore can not access the page.
  • The Internet Protocol is therefore as important as its task is to regulate the transmission of data over a network. This means that each of the obtaining and the sending of data in the network of this protocol depends. If this transfer is not executed, the Web browser of Internet Users recognizes this error as "502 Bad Gateway".

Resolve the error message

  • If the error "502 Bad Gateway" appears on every web page, therefore, your ISP, the cause. Call them and explain your problem.
  • If your Internet service provider can exclude that in him there is an error, it probably has the meaning that the cause lies in their own gateway. In this case, the wireless connection is not working. Check this link. Does your wireless again, you can not see any more error messages.
  • If the message appears only on a particular page, this indicates a problem on the server of the website. In this case, the webmaster of this site is responsible.
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