A bag for Nikon P7000 sew - Manual

A bag for Nikon P7000 sew - Manual

The camera bag dimensions determine the size.

As the bag can look

The Nikon P7000 is a compact camera in the upper price range. She has a wide range of functions and is therefore not exactly a lightweight. Consider therefore the selection of the material that the 360g should be kept safe and protected from the pocket.

  • Please take the form of industrially manufactured Bags for compact cameras as a pattern. These are manufactured exclusively in portrait mode, that is, the camera is not inserted transversely in the bag, but along. If you still want to equip with extra compartments the bag, is your decision and not absolutely necessary.
  • But strongly recommended is a belt loop, so you can also go to let go of the Nikon P7000. The loop may consist of a wide belt with Velcro, because then the belt must not resolve to remove or attach the bag.
  • Laze on the front of the bag has a sufficiently large arm free. So you can easily access the camera that is inserted with the battery tray. The cover is a flap which extends to the bottom of the bag and provides an additional cushioning. It is held closed by Velcro.
  • Do not want to wear on your belt your camera, of course, has a strap to the bag. He should be sutured laterally as high as possible, so the bag hangs vertically stable. Equip the pocket with eyelets, you can use the strap with small carabiners.

The Nikon P7000 has its own form

  • You must start from the agent of your Nikon P7000, which has the largest expansion when you take the measurements for your pocket. This is best done sewing together when the blank is made of one piece. Familiarize yourself but before a pattern, so you do not have to find that you have cut too short.
  • Look around to see if there is not a dropped handbag, an old school bag, or any other, leftover piece of leather in your environment that still looks good. It should not be too stiff and can screw up a little. For soft leather, however, offers insufficient protection against bumps and falls.
  • With leather is allowed to stand better the seams to the outside. Calculate approximately 6 mm an additional amount for each seam. Pierce before the needle stitches with a fine awl and sew possible with 2 Sattler needles are threaded at both ends of the thread.
  • The thread can be used as an ornamental seam when it is held in a discordant for leather color hue. At the upper end of seams you can also use a leather rivet to improve the tensile strength. The flap can be fringed with a similar decorative stitching.
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