A sports bag sew - so you make your own unique

A sports bag sew - so you make your own unique

A sports bag must not be zero eight fifteen.

So your sports bag is unique

  • The individuality begins with the selection of materials. With a mix of different colored fabrics sew in any case is unique. Here you can quietly approach something bold to work. A Punktestoff in red and white is perfectly combined with a blue and white striped fabric. However, the material must be strong and robust.
  • The stitch of an application, such as a sports shoe or a powerful tiger makes your gym bag to be something special. Here is a solid-color fabric and a colorful fabric for the application.
  • With colorful letters of fabric you can sew on name or create a witty saying. These letters are sewn quickly and personalize your gym bag. Or sew the letters on the shoulder strap.
  • The sewing a small bag, z. B. in flower shape, or a football, you gain additional space for the keychain, and pocket the gains individuality.

How to sew your sports bag

  1. Cut out a circle for the bottom of about 23 cm.
  2. Put together the fabric lengthwise (right sides together) in half and add a seam allowance of 3 cm added.
  3. Secure the fabric with stitching needles and leave them at one end of the fabric open 7 cm for the drawstring. Then you neaten the seam allowances with a zigzag stitch.
  4. Cut the circle for the bottom until shortly before the end of the seam allowance merfach to indicate that the material is not tight so. Put the bottom, right and fix it with pins. Then sew the bottom solid, except for a piece that corresponds to the width of your Burtbandes. The fabric for the bottom of your gym bag, you can select your gym bag again in another, matching color.
  5. Sew one end of the strap into the open port left for this one, so that it lies in turning out. Thereafter the bag is turned inside out, all sides are now outside.
  6. For the cord at the upper end sew the left open 7 cm to 3 cm of an envelope inside.
  7. Measure. The strap to the desired length from (ca. 62 cm from the bottom of the bag) Refer to the end of the strap and sew it on the outside of the bag below the cord fastening fixed.
  8. Thread the cord through the stitched threading and knotting the two ends. The cord should be on both sides about 7 cm longer than the drawstring.
  9. For easier handling you can also sew a zipper lengthwise into your gym bag.
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