Acacia - Maintain the hardwood in the garden area correctly

Acacia - Maintain the hardwood in the garden area correctly

Acacias are very popular because of their wood properties.

Acacia - Origin and knowing the woods

The real acacia (Acacia pulchella) is sturdy hardwood conservatory.

  • Is home to the elegant woody plants in the tropical areas of Australia in the southern Queensland and in New South Wales.
  • 5. On this continent, the gold acacia was declared the national flower. The maximum height of the medium-sized tree is about 15 meters, with acacia prefer a nutrient-poor and sandy soil, but also can thrive in clay soil.
  • The heartwood of Acacia is provided with a different color, going from red-violet to purple. A bright Gelbrot- or olive hue shows the hardwood at the outer parts. Freshly precipitated resembles the fragrance of the tree to a violet.
  • The hard wood of the tree is resistant to any kind of environmental and climatic influences. Also, the tree is resistant to fungi and insects.
  • Similar to the hardwood genuine acacia wood is also the sham acacia, Robinia, to look at. Also, this plant has very low soil requirements and is also located in Europe. Despite the relatively rapid growth of this tree species is as hard and durable as the acacia.

The hardwood in a variety of alternative uses - the use

  • The hard wood of acacia is quite insensitive. For this reason, the wood is used primarily for outdoor use. However, garden furniture, fences, etc. also require some maintenance.
  • So that these parts are not unsightly over time, you will get commercially hardwood oils such. As based on linseed oil, which you should apply for regular care for.
  • To make things even more out of this wood more resistant against dirt and stains, as well as provides a care with hard wax.
  • However, before you start to care, you should clean the objects previously with an alkaline solution of soap. Although moisture to the hardwood harm, it is advisable to use only a small amount of water.
  • To keep things neat, made from the hard wood of acacia, obtained over the years.
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