Activated osteochondrosis - Definition

Activated osteochondrosis - Definition

An activated osteochondrosis relates to the back.

The spine can cause problems

  • The spine is a complex structure that is too great performances in the situation. However, it is also quite prone to failure. Since there are so many structures that together form a unit, problems seem, unfortunately, often very extensive out.
  • Basically, the spinal column of the human being from a plurality of segments, all of which are similarly constructed. A segment always consists of two adjacent vertebral bodies and intervertebral disc between them.
  • The intervertebral disc is a flexible disk between the vertebral bodies. It buffers shocks and maintains the connection between the bone. The person normally has 23 discs, they make up about a quarter of the length of the spine.

The activated osteochondrosis is an inflammation

  • Osteochondrosis is when the intervertebral disc cartilage and adjacent vertebral bodies are changed. Usually it is overload-induced changes that are caused by poor posture.
  • First, while changing the intervertebral disc, the adjacent bone of the vertebral bodies. The process is gradual and eventually leads to pain.
  • An activated osteochondrosis is the state when an osteochondrosis in addition inflamed. That is, the inflammation involves the whole segment - the disc and the respective overlying and underlying vertebral body. This usually makes additional pain and loss of motion.
  • If an activated osteochondrosis is present, therapy depending on individual state by various means. Formers are drugs used to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, and physical therapy. In advanced stages and at great suffering and stabilizing operations are eligible.
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