AGILA health passport - Information

AGILA health passport - Information

The AGILA insurance provides protection for dogs and cats.

Meet the benefits of AGILA disease complete protection

  • If you decide to complete a medical complete protection for your family dog ​​or cat in the AGILA, you should read carefully before the performance and terms and conditions for the health card. You will find that your pets at the time of the conclusion must be healthy and the age of your dog's seven years, and that of your cat may not exceed nine years.
  • You receive a medical insurance in case of treatment on grounds of illness or accident compensation of the costs incurred in the outpatient and inpatient care, including both medical costs and medication, Medical, Physiotherapy and alternative healing methods. Note that this is not the complete resulting sum is paid, but will be reimbursed up to 500 € up to 1000 € in the dog and the cat (as of 2013). Fallen higher spending on, they must be provided by you in addition.
  • You should know that the traffic accident prevention refers to the immediate consequences of an accident involving motorized vehicles on public roads for the health card, according to the product information sheet. In this case, only the vet bills are paid, without limitation, a maximum limit. Diagnostic tests and drugs covered by the aforementioned health and accident protection.
  • Is your pet require surgery are from the AGILA all insurance costs for the veterinarian who performs the surgery with general anesthesia, and handling was paid after the procedure. Also there is a maximum limit, which is limited to three times the rate of charge for veterinarians. It is important to know that you have to pay 20 percent of the expenditure itself, if your dog or cat is only five years old.
  • The insurance does not cover your pets checkups if you have also agreed not him. Pay a further contribution to basic services, you will receive reimbursement for vaccinations, anti-external and internal parasites and a general health examination. These costs may not exceed 100 euros per year. Fallen higher amounts to the difference sum must be paid by you.
  • Your pets are welcome worldwide foreign protection when you have completed the provision coverage. You may stay with your pet no longer than two months abroad in order to get the full refund in case of sickness and accident. A return transport your sick dog or cat to Germany is included.

Contributions and statements from the insurance-health card

  • Contributions for the AGILA health card are different for dogs and cats. In this case, there is a staggering after the age of the animals as well as dog and cat breeds. You should note that you must each pay an additional amount from the fifth and from the age of your pet is insured by this seller for many years.
  • Note that the dogs in small and larger as well as special breeds are divided. It may take small pets withers 45 cm not exceed, not to be counted among the big dogs.
  • For the special dog group includes not only animals that are larger than 45 centimeters, but also small breed dogs. These include, for example, the Chihuahua, Pug and Pekingese.
  • You pay for the small and large breed dogs and mongrels, aged between two months and four years, a smaller contribution than for pets that have an age of five to seven years. Only at the specific breeds, the amount is not raised in old age.
  • Would you like to protect your cat through the AGILA health passport, you will find out that the insurance between indoor cats and all roaming cats differs. Note that living in the apartment cats are again divided into European domestic cats and cats as well as in hybrid breed cats.
  • While you have to pay a lower fee for Stubentiger between two months and five years in age, the sum increases in the age group of six to nine years. Because of the increased health and accident risk is the cost of roaming cats in the higher age highest (Stand 2013).
  • Note that the insurance cover for illness, accident, traffic accident and pension until one month after the first premium payment begins. Services from the operating costs of protection and the protection abroad can be obtained only after three months of signing the contract.
  • You sign a contract for twelve months, which extended for another year if you do not cancel. The notice period is one month before the end of the contract.
  • You should consider before signing a contract that many services are not covered by insurance. These include, for example, dental cleanings, which should be carried out regularly to Paradontoseprophylaxe in domestic dogs and tigers facility. The cost of castration and sterilization be refunded only if it is a procedure that must be performed due to medical indications, such as uterine infection or testicular cancer.
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