AliExpress - Experience

AliExpress - Experience

Things you can usually buy much cheaper on the internet.

What is AliExpress

  • In AliExpress is a shipping site on the Internet. This page is part of the Alibaba Group, a Chinese company which is mainly engaged in the trade.
  • AliExpress is now to compare the meaning ago with you certainly better known retailer Amazon. Because as well as on Amazon, there are a number of dealers who sell their products on AliExpress.
  • What is important is that you can buy almost any product. You only need the main control on the internet and browse through the merchandise. Is also important that you shop here in China and thus able to perceive certain price advantages.
  • However, there can be problems when buying goods from these retailers sometimes. In addition, you should also refer to conditions in the run-up to avoid bad experiences.

Experience with the mail-order

  • First of all, it is in direct purchases abroad always to imports. This means that you need to pay attention to customs regulations here. As a result, may be additional costs - this I had to learn, for example, even painful.
  • Here is a hand advisable either to do a little shopping to take advantage of the exemptions. On the other hand, however, equal to a large purchase, so once incurred fees.
  • Also note that you should take care of the transportation of the goods in advance. Because when I suddenly saw the USPS for the transport of goods within Germany, leading to additional costs. Make sure that the seller delivers via DHL or ask if necessary.
  • In addition, it should be noted, of course, that when AliExpress any small retailers can register their products for sale on the Internet. For the middlemen are eliminated here, so no separate quality control is carried out.
  • This means that you have with valuable things such as brand watches or high-end computers, no way of verifying the authenticity. Instead, it may be that you fall for cheap replicas. Because you are at the mercy of the sincerity of the producer.
  • Here only the experience and understanding to help ensure that expensive products sold in this country are expensive and abroad. For more favorable mostly replicas, but very well suited for, for example, rings or figures.
  • As a conclusion and policy, you can therefore assume that it is counterfeit cheap brand products in most cases. However, for all other things AliExpress may prove to be a real bargain.
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