American Football - Players and basic rules for beginners

American Football - Players and basic rules for beginners

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Number of players and develop a team

Since 1883 the number of players for the players present on the field is limited to eleven.

  • Since, however, constantly changed within the team in football between two different teams ("offense" and "defense") may be up to 34 substitutes are reported. In Germany, even up to 39 substitutes are allowed.
  • Thus, the maximum total number of players is 45 and in Germany at the 50th
  • Depending on the installation, there are different positions with different tasks for both the Offense-line as well as the defensive line.
  • The most important players in the attack (offense) is the quarterback (QB), which gets at the beginning of a move the ball from the center (C), and then organized the attack. It can therefore be referred to as a "playmaker".
  • Often the quarterback throws the ball to a wide receiver (WR), which is fast and agile, and should then bring the ball into the endzone best.
  • Alternatively, the quarterback of the ball also attached to a running back (RB). At running back, there is also still the division into fullback (FB), a much more powerful running back, which is often used as a blocker or buffer, and halfback (HB), which is significantly lighter and thus in principle faster.
  • In defense (defense), it is all about, to break the opponent's moves and running motions.
  • The Defense consists of the Nose Guard, the defensive end (DE) and defensive tackles (DT), the linebackers (LB) and the safeties (S).
  • The Nose Gard is primarily responsible for blocking the center of the enemy, the defensive line (DL) in the form of defensive ends and defensive tackles (DT) help him prevent their way into the end zone.
  • The linebackers have to defend the playing field, so determine, for example, passing lanes and intercept passes, and also best penetrate the opposing quarterback to put it under pressure.
  • The Safties standing at the back of the defense, so to speak, are the last resort to stop the enemy, if that is the other defenders failed.

Basic rules for American Football

The basic rules and the gameplay American football, are easy to understand and can be easily implemented.

  • An American football game lasts 60 minutes and in the US in Germany 48 minutes, the game time in four quarters ("Quarter") is divided so that each 15 or 12 minutes will be played.
  • Between the 1st and 3rd Quarter, there is a two-minute break after the end of the 2nd quarter twelve minutes break.
  • The aim of American football is to achieve in a game as much space gain on the 100-yard large playing field, so as to gain points.
  • This is either in the form of touchdowns (6 points), so the wear and catching the ball in the end zone, or a field goals (3 points), shooting the ball through the goal posts, possible
  • The game starts with a kickoff ("kick"), the defending team shoots the ball through the football towards the attacking team.
  • This catches the ball and then begins to bring the ball towards end zone. Where the player with the ball is brought to the ground, starts the first Angriffspielzug ("first down").
  • Now, the attacking team of four trials ("Downs), the offense now has 4 attempts (Downs) to achieve at least 10 yards extra space.
  • If this is successful, the team receives another first down and must provide at least 10 yard gain in space again.
  • This is repeated until either a touchdown or field goal was achieved, or the extra space was not done.
  • In the latter case shot goes over to the enemy, who then gets awarded his first down.
  • If, after the four quarters are undecided, so both teams score the same number of points, there is an extension of 15 minutes and 12 minutes respectively in Germany. If it still does is draw, the match will be counted as either a draw (normal season) or it will continue to play until there is a winner (playoffs).
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