Anatomy - outlines the sciatic nerve short

Anatomy - outlines the sciatic nerve short

The sciatic nerve supplies the leg and foot.

Anatomy of the longest body nerve

  • The sciatic nerve is called the sciatic nerve anatomy. Its name means something like ischial nerve, making it similar to a portion of the ilium, the ischium (ischium).
  • The nerve originates, like so many nerves of the people, the spinal cord. From different segments of the spinal cord, which are located at the level of the lumbar spine and sacrum, come from nerves.
  • These nerves meet the lumbosacral plexus in one, the plexus. Here nerves are exchanged and combined to form the nerves that move in different body regions.
  • From here the sciatic nerve passes through an opening in the pelvic bone, the greater sciatic foramen, at the back of the thigh.

Way and functions of the sciatic nerve in the leg

  • On his way down the leg sends the sciatic nerve nervous already, supply the different areas of the thigh.
  • Above the knee, it divides into two smaller nerves, the tibial nerve communis (common sural nerve), and the fibular nerve (tibial nerve) on. These two nerves supply the lower leg and foot.
  • It is interesting in this connection that in the anatomy of the sciatic nerve is indeed handled as a separate nerve, while it is true that the two smaller nerves already springing from the plexus exist separately from each other, and are summarized only by a connective tissue sheath.
  • The nerve sciatica contained in one hand and his successors conduct signals from the brain to the muscle fibers. On the other hand, they inform the brain about the state of the muscles and guide skin sensations at it further.
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