Apply for mother-to-child treatment in the health insurance technician - how it works

Apply for mother-to-child treatment in the health insurance technician - how it works

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Apply for mother-child cure properly

The first step to your mother-child treatment is a conversation with your doctor. This decides which medical interventions are necessary in your case. An application has also only likely to succeed if you have already exhausted all treatment deals in your area.

  • Not every doctor may prescribe a mother-to-child treatment. When the technician health insurance, there are special doctors who are entitled to Regulation a cure.
  • Ask if he belongs to the circle of your physician prescription authorized physician.
  • If this is not the case, you have to find a new doctor. Go to the website of the technicians health insurance
  • Click on "Services & Services," on "Services from A - Z", then "cures: prevention and rehabilitation" and finally "How to apply for the cure". There you will find a list of doctors and therapists legitimate medical prescription.
  • Together with the respective doctor set the Kurantrag.
  • The technicians health insurance checks upon receipt, if all documents are complete, including the examination findings.
  • The Medical Service of the health insurance then checks the documents.

You will then receive notification if your mother-child treatment is approved by the Engineer health insurance.

As the technicians health insurance facilitates the application

  • You can check online before the application as your chances of getting the approval of a cure are.
  • This will help the "TK-performance guide '- cures". Follow the instructions and you will find out if you are eligible for a cure according to the guidelines of the TK-performance controller.
  • As a TC member, you can do many things online, such as downloading application forms.
  • For questions, please contact us by e-mail to the Customer.
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