Apply pick correctly - chips to play guitar

Apply pick correctly - chips to play guitar

Playing guitar is simplified by a Plek.

Find out more about the plate

  • The plectrum is a small plate which is used to play guitar. But other stringed instruments such as the electric bass, sitar and shamisen strings are struck with this platelets and plucked.
  • The use of a Pleks easier to play the guitar a lot. Would the strings plucked with the fingers, would you back shortly already hurt the fingers and the guitar would you certainly do not have more fun. In addition, the sound of the guitar through the use of a platelet is concise to lengths, because the proportion of high audio frequencies is greater.

Use to play guitar a Plek

  • The well-known Plek is a platelet size of a coin with a teardrop-shaped or triangular shape, the corners are rounded. It is best to keep it between thumb and forefinger. If you prefer, you can also try to keep the plate with the thumb, index and middle fingers.
  • It is best if you develop your own style, hold the Plek playing the guitar differently. Only you can know how to hit the strings.
  • It is important that you do not keep the plate convulsively. A casual attitude of your fingers provides you a free attack the strings and can vary the individual sounds better.
  • Your thumb element determines the angle of the plate relative to the strings and let the sounds of clear switch to dull.
  • You can set the tone by holding the Plek sometimes solid and sometimes loosely. Pay attention but insists on maintaining the uniform attack the strings.
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