Apply power to the surgery in the health insurance

Apply power to the surgery in the health insurance

Our eyes are very important.

How to apply for your health insurance the eye surgery

There are many different reasons why someone undergoes an eye operation or must also undergo. This can be a squint, a visual defects associated with nearsightedness or farsightedness or cataracts. Accordingly, there are also different surgical techniques so that a visual defects can be corrected. Most people want to have an operation to go without glasses or contact lenses through life. Mostly it is the costs that prevent many people from eye surgery.

  • When will the costs covered by health insurance? First, there is the opportunity to get a grant from the health insurance and on the other there are eye diseases that justify eye surgery and in the health insurance fully take over the operating costs.
  • If no medical urgency, for example, to restore vision through laser treatment, to include the individually funded health services. The costs are not taken.
  • Once your eye doctor diagnosed you with a medical need, the cost will be fully underwritten by the insurance company. However, this is dependent on the health insurance, which include diseases of the eye to a medical necessity.
  • Be the privately insured have a much better chance of getting a grant from your insurance company or even the entire cost. You need a medical certificate with the indication and diagnosis. You submit with your private insurance.
  • Find out in advance at your office, what indications are recognized: For example, the replacement of the lens at the Green Star or his eyesight drops in each eye differently. It is also important that you can further investigate by surgery in their professional work.
  • The ophthalmologist can also contact if indicated in connection with your insurance and make a request for reimbursement.
  • If he does not accept this, you could request the application of your cash register, fill it and submit appropriate documentation for your ophthalmologist.

Remember that in aesthetic surgery, that is, if you just want to get rid of the glasses, no costs will be covered by health insurance. You have to pay out of pocket.

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