Aqua Stop defective in the washing machine - you should make sure

Aqua Stop defective in the washing machine - you should make sure

Eliminate Error Aqua Stop yourself.

Basic information about Aqua Stop

  • Aqua Stop washing machines and dishwashers begins with simple mechanical tubing space backups that prevent further water leakage, if the pressure drops suddenly, as is, for example, the burst inlet hose. Even counters are a good example to the Aqua Stop. This record which quantities of water are taken without interruption. Once a certain amount is continuously flowed, the water supply is interrupted.
  • Electric Aqua Stop systems include sensors that are coupled to the water inlet system of the dishwasher or washing machine and turn off the water when flowing, although the device requires none. These systems are still partially equipped with a sensor in the base pan of the unit or dual hose. As soon as water appears in places where it does not belong, the water is turned off. So if fills the tray with water or the outer ring of the double-walled tube is wet, the system shuts down.

Help when the water stop blocking the washing machine

A defect of aquastops in the washing machine you notice in mind that the machine does not absorb water, so the program will not start. Depending on the type of machine, there is also a warning. The reason may be a little thing that is easy to fix.

  • As can be clearly seen from the description of the operation of the electrical Aqua Stop systems, they turn off the water when in the base pan of the unit is water. A problem with the water flow, boiling over of the washing machine and much more so can cause the water stop, because water collects in the bottom tray. Tilt the machine side to allow any water leakage. Subsequently, the washing machine should run again. Try to find the reason why water in the bottom pan was and eliminate this, because it is not normal if there is water.
  • Each Aqua Stop contains a series of sieves. This is often described in the instructions Machine accurate. Clean these screens, and the washing machine was supposed to return to normal operation.
  • Other errors you should only resolve by an expert, because in the washing machine meet electricity and water together, which can be a deadly combination. If you find for example that the base tray fills up due to leaks in the pump or the water level control with water, then eliminating the cause is the task of a professional. Only if you have the necessary expertise, you can get the spare parts and swap the parts themselves.
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