Aquarius - Man and woman under astrological point of view of the constellation considered

Aquarius - Man and woman under astrological point of view of the constellation considered

Born in Aquarius see the light of day in the winter.

Aquarius is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Men and women who were born under this zodiac sign are similar in many respects.

The man as Aquarius

  • The male Aquarius is often the certificate 'Playboy', depriving it can do very well with the ladies. In fact, his irresistible charm to women it can be irresistible. But even among friends he scores with this feature very much.
  • Although the Aquarius is a team player, the role of the boss as it is made for. He can not be happy to prescribe something, but prefer to work in his own time in their own way. The leadership looks good on him, because he can adapt well to his fellow men.
  • The chief role of Aquarius is due to his great desire for freedom. This freedom does the male Aquarius, not only in professional terms, but also in love. He does not want to be limited, non-committal and not clasped. Those who respect, can be very happy with it.

The woman in Aquarius

  • The Aquarius woman is just like her male counterpart a very strong personality. In love they dominated, but needs a full partner. It can be completely covered, but also cold. Who can not keep up, has quickly lost.
  • Professionally, they want to be able to develop freely. The natural pioneering spirit of Aquarius drives them back on to pastures new. She loves the change and do not like to be inhibited it. Then it may be that they quickly a fight breaks to then again have purified ratios.
  • The professional independence examines the Aquarius born in a relationship. However, she likes the resistance. However, it should only dare gentleman near her, as the lady is often courted. The desire for freedom of the partner they can well understand, so she feels most comfortable in a partnership in which both are independent and free.

The basic characteristics of men and women in Aquarius can vary greatly depending on the Ascendant. This has a significant impact on the character and you may incur from any astrologer. Have fun!

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