Are geraniums frost-proof?

Are geraniums frost-proof?

Balcony geraniums are a real beauty and can overwinter well.

Geranium geranium is not equal to

The term "geranium" always causes confusion. Among various representatives of the family of Geranium Family are called, are also frost-proof depending on the type.

  • Colloquially, the term "geranium" for us so popular balcony plants has naturalized. Its botanical name is correct but "Geranium".
  • Most Pelargonium species are originally from Africa, Arabia and Asia Minor. First specimens were cultured in the early 17th century in Europe.
  • Pelagornien sometimes need to withstand a light frost in their natural habitat. However, at temperatures below minus five degrees they enter inevitably. So you have to expect that your geraniums not survive a German winter on the balcony. In addition, you also need to pay for low frost on a sheltered spot. For the so-called "wind chill" factor enhances the low temperatures.
  • The actual geranium with the botanical name "geranium" (German for "pantograph"), however, is frost resistant and hardy it. This smaller variety of the family of Geranium Family comes in all continents. As a feral form, these geraniums grow even in the polar regions. With us the new breed "Burcs Double" is often offered, which is suitable for the Freilandbeet as well as a container plant.
  • Generally prefer geraniums rather cooler weather and is considered hardy. However, you must remember that a relative term "hardy". An extremely cold winter with many days of permafrost below minus ten degrees will not survive these tough outdoor plant

Overwinter geraniums Balcony

Often Geraniums are simply disposed of after the summer. But these plants are perennials. After proper winter they drive in spring again.

  1. At the latest when the weather predicts temperatures below minus five degrees, you should get your geraniums in the house.
  2. For winter you must first austopfen the geraniums. Carefully remove the loose soil. Be careful not to damage the small fine roots.
  3. Cut all shoots with pruning shears back strong. It is fine if leaving only two or three thickened nodes on each side shoot.
  4. Carefully remove all the leaves. Here, like a nest or pests, the leaves are disease resistant.
  5. Bundle of three to four plants and put them in flower pots.
  6. Cover the plants loosely with a mixture of sand and potting soil.
  7. Ask. Flowerpots on a bright but cool place in the house The temperature should be between five to ten degrees. Good example is the staircase near the window or a garden shed.
  8. Keep the flowers moist during winter easily.
  9. As soon as the frost in the spring is over, put the plant back in fresh potting soil. Now the geraniums can also back on the balcony where they show their bloom again after a few weeks.

Make the outdoor perennial frost proof

The storage over the winter months does not apply to the outdoor places Geranium. However, you also need to make this perennial shrub for winter outdoor frost.

  1. For bedding plants you choose the best right at planting in a protected location. Ideal is a sunny or semi-shaded area only moderately. Potted plants make in the winter is best at a sheltered location, such as on the wall.
  2. As the Balkonpelargonien you must also outdoor places in autumn cut back generously and remove all leaves.
  3. Bedding plants cover with a layer of twigs, straw or garden fleece.
  4. Potted plants must be insulated so that the plants do not completely freeze. To wrap the crop canopy with garden fleece or jute or burlap sack. Also, enter twigs or garden fleece around the trunk. In very cold areas, you can also wrap the pot with bubble foil. Finally adjust the bucket on a Styrofoam plate.
  5. Especially in mild winters the plants tend to pests. Examine the flowers regularly and remove pests immediately.
  6. In March remove the cold insulation again. Now, the plants are also cast again. From the end of May, you must also enter a fertilizer twice a month.

Completely frost-resistance, neither the Balkonpelargonien nor the field geraniums. With the right preparation, however, these pretty plants survive the winter.

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