Are there undiscovered islands on earth? - What you should know

Are there undiscovered islands on earth?  - What you should know

Exciting: There are still unexplored islands.

The measurement of the Earth

A few hundred years ago, the world was for humanity far more mysterious than it is today: one only knew the areas that had already been entered by people who also returned to tell the tale. So alone was the discovery of America, which began in the late fifteenth century when the Europeans a great adventure. Meanwhile, things look different of course from: The world has long made every possible direction, and was surrounded on every conceivable route, Satellite constantly deliver sharp images even from the far corners of the earth. One can not assume that there are still undiscovered islands - with uncharted islands, however, it looks different.

Unexplored islands - they still exist?

  • Although all land areas of the earth are known and mapped, all are far from understood.
  • Just the Arctic with its harsh weather conditions has not made a detailed study of their habitats impossible - so there are islands that have never been entered.
  • Also in the Atlantic and Pacific, there are huge island groups in which some islands have not been explored yet. An example of this is about 7500 islands of Oceania.
  • Such islands are, if they are then explored, scientists usually exciting in terms of the discovery of new animal and plant species.
  • Such explorations therefore quite often take place, so one can assume that the number of unexplored islands is steadily less.
  • However, some islands also apply from the outset as a rather uninteresting, such as some of the islands off the Swedish mainland.

You see, there are still unexplored islands on earth and some are perhaps even remain.

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