Audit Junior High School - Informative

Audit Junior High School - Informative

Would you like to complete secondary school successfully, as a rule, a check is mandatory.

The Realschule after you complete the tenth grade. Depending on your level of performance you can achieve the high school, so the high-school diploma, or high school. The financial statements can be used in different countries have different names and they are again differentiated. Depending on the services we offer an extended and a simple form of Realschule and Hauptschule, so you can reach final four I species after the end of secondary school.

The junior high school ends after class 10

  • The completion of high school, you can get if you went to school for ten years and the last, the tenth school year have been completed successfully. You must demonstrate positive marks in all subjects or compensate for poor subjects. The relevant provisions are different in the schools, but also in the provinces. Information you get from the class teachers and the school boards.
  • A distinction is made between the basic and the extended high-school diploma. With the expanded form, you may go directly to the student, with the simple form you have passed the high school. Is this you have failed, you usually have the Advanced High school, when you have passed the tenth grade. If not, you will be recognized by the successful completion of ninth grade is usually the Simple High.

You must demonstrate a final exam in the main subjects

  • In most states you need to achieve the GCSE pass a final examination in the majors, mostly German, English and mathematics. The result is flowing in your notes with a.
  • The targets are set by the ministries of education among countries sovereignty. There are vintages that needed to make a full audit, and countries that modify their requirements every few years.

If you have not passed the final examination in the secondary school, it is important to make sure that you get not yet recognized a high school. Sometimes you have this already passed when you have reached the ninth grade. Clarify this from with the school administration. The criteria are different in the schools, a general statement can not be made.

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