Avoid caffeine tablet - so bring your blood pumping

Avoid caffeine tablet - so bring your blood pumping

Instead of caffeine some exercise in the morning. © Christian_Lung / Pixelio

Without caffeine tablet in the day

  1. Especially in the morning you realize likely that you need some help, so get your circulation going. A caffeine tablet, you should then not taking as they measure your body will weigh in perpetuity.
  2. First, you should be careful when getting up and take your time. Get up too fast, it may be that your blood sags in the legs and you will be black.
  3. Sit down so only for at least one minute to the edge of the bed, so that the blood can get used to the change of position. Then stand up.
  4. If you have time, now lends itself to a game of sport. Half an hour of jogging or cycling is sufficient so that you can fit to start the day.
  5. Are you this morning too hard, you can make cold-warm showers. Showers you always alternated with hot and cooler water. The water does not have to be cold, it is sufficient if you notice a significant difference in temperature. But it is important that you finish with cool water your morning ritual.
  6. Do this a few days through and you will see that you can loose refrain from caffeine tablet.

Strengthen the circulatory course

  • Have you finished your morning ritual in the bathroom, you will probably drink a cup of coffee next. However, this is no different than taking a caffeine tablet. You feel after a coffee fitter, not because your cycle because your light withdrawal symptoms are alleviated gaining momentum, but.
  • A beneficial effect on your body, however, has hot water. Drink a glass of the morning on an empty stomach. If you like, you can add a splash of lemon.
  • Ginger also has a tonic effect on your body. Please ask the health store, in drugstores or well-stocked supermarket ginger tea and drink it in the morning. If you know the taste too sharp, you sweet tea with some honey.
  • Ultimately, you should change your diet so that your body can recover at night and not with digestion employing need be.
  • Your dinner should not consist of fat and hearty meals, therefore, that many hours to be digested. Also, you should not eat too late; try to take a light meal before 19 clock. So you need no morning caffeine tablet.
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