Back training in everyday life - how it works with little time

Back training in everyday life - how it works with little time

Install your back exercises into everyday life.

If you do not come to the sports Make sheer dates, then try it easy to integrate a little training as to example back training in everyday life.

Back training in everyday life

  • The most important thing that you check your attitude is always himself. If you walk past a large window, you can just stop and your attitude in check and correct state.
  • While sitting on the office chair you get certainly more in how you ever slump in themselves and hinl├╝mmeln. Set aware upright and pull the shoulders back.
  • The proper organization of the workplace is as important as the right attitude of your car seat.
  • Do you have to wear something harder, try, from the beginning to back-friendly wear to relieve your back and avoid disc problems.
  • Of course you should not forget the relaxation in between. So it often helps even when you loll times and stretch.

Everyday exercises for the back

  • Sit in between times to a wall, slip your feet slightly forward and try to "push away" with her back to the wall.
  • Put on a tennis ball or the like between the wall and your lumbar spine and go slowly into the squat without the ball falls down.
  • The other way round set you can build body tension throughout the body and are only leaning his forehead against the wall.
  • Tension between some of your abdominal and gluteal muscles, as they support the back muscles.
  • Even after bathing or showering, you can use your towel to practice by spreading it behind the back at shoulder level with arms and tighten against the resistance of the towel upper arms.
  • Try these exercises as often as you can, preferably daily, install and repeat 10-20 times.

With a few exercises in between you can cover a large part of the back training, will not have to schedule training times.

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