Balcony plants and cats - so it is safe for pets

Balcony plants and cats - so it is safe for pets

Some plants threaten the health of your cat.

Balcony plants wisely select - Preparation

Most Balcony owners replant their balcony each year with new patio plants. If you have cats, it is important that you are concerned with the preparations and filter the balcony plants wisely.

  • Cats need grass or cat grass for the digestion of cat hair. Offer your favorite sufficient of them in a large flower pot, so he chews the other plants not to.
  • Choose your plants wisely and ask about the characteristics of the planned flowers.
  • Many balcony plants are partially toxic in all plant parts or. Avoid buying these flowers.
  • If you want to be sure you plan the planting of your balcony with perennials, so you do not have to change each year.

The cats sake - Tips

  • Cats love to lie in the grass. At the same time you chew it, to digest and spit out the swallowed hair can. Give your pet a big pot in which you grow grass. There, your cat may chew grass or relax on the grass surface.
  • Put the cat grass never in window boxes, hanging on the railings. This will bring the animals unnecessary risk of falling.
  • Also avoid on the balcony of the use of expanded clay or similar. Especially young cats playing with everything and can swallow the stones, which can be dangerous.
  • Protect perennials that produce new shoots in spring. Cats do not differ to the grass and chew on the young shoots and leaves. Of these, your plant will not recover and the cat does not get well.
  • When you purchase from the room and balcony plants careful to catch hold no poisonous plants. Ivy, rubber tree, cyclamen, chrysanthemums and oleanders have toxic parts of the plant, just to name a few.
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