Balsam - this weed you fight so

Balsam - this weed you fight so

The Balsam spreads its seeds far from. © Maja_Dumat / Pixelio

The balsam is from India

  • The Himalayan balsam is also called Indian balsam and has its home in India. From there it was initially marketed as an ornamental in other countries and used by beekeepers as honey bees, because the flowers are like fly honey bees. Over time, the balsam caused to plants but for other major problems, so that it is being dealt.
  • Balsam grows very quickly and can grow up to two meters high. It grows best on moist soils, for example, near river banks. Above all, there is this weed problematic because it displaces native plant species.
  • The flower of jewelweed is very nice though. It is white, pink or purple in color and forms from early summer until the first frosts. The seeds are formed in elongated seed capsules that are so strongly with increasing maturity under pressure that they fly apart at a light touch. If they open, the spherical dark seeds are literally thrown out, so they fly many meters.

To combat this weed

  • The balsam grows as an annual plant and spreads itself by seed. To prevent this, you must fight it, therefore, before the seeds are ripe.
  • You can mow the weeds simple, so can not form seeds. Thus, the plants of this section do not recover and re-cast, you should wait before cutting to flowering.
  • If the soil is fairly moist, you can simply tear the balsam without much effort from the floor. In this case, however, you should not leave it on the floor, because otherwise they easily form new roots torn plants.
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