Barbie PC Games - Overview

Barbie PC Games - Overview

Barbie Games for PC inspire many girls.

Their little daughter likes to play with Barbies but is now also come in the age where she would like to play on your computer times a game with Barbie? There are games that are specifically designed to gleichbenannten film, and games that your child can be carried away into a glittering dream world, for example, revolves around fashion, styling or horses.

Barbie games for the same film

  • In the PC game "Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus" it is important that your baby as Annika has to look a certain light rod with her polar bear. It flies in this game on your Pegasus through the clouds over the kingdom and must be one or the other adventures. In this example, it must solve puzzles or find their way through a maze.
  • In the "12 Dancing Princesses" to your child as Princess Genevieve find a bottle of elixir to save your father, who was enchanted by the evil Duchess Roswitha with poison. It must seek magic gems, create dance steps, find a magic flute and there are other great adventure. All this takes place in the magical world Barbie in the royal court, on the water terrace and another 4 beautiful places from.
  • In the PC game "Barbie as the Island Princess" may dip as the beautiful Barbie Rosella or another of 6-known characters from the movie in five different movie theaters and more than 25 small games your girl. It can pick while balancing flowers to swing from one to the next Liane while collecting fruit or try to collect things in the sea, and it must be careful not to molest the sea creatures. Your child may also dance in the game on the royal animal island or make dresses with precious jewels. The whole is underpinned by the soundtrack and the associated figures. The game is suitable for 2 players and therefore it is possible both to play together and against each other.

There are additional Barbie adventure on the PC

  • Is your little girl a fan of Barbie and horses alike, the adventure game is "Barbie: Horse Adventures in equestrian camp" at best. In this game, it can take riding lessons as Barbie and thereby learn to saddle up and riding horses of different breeds. But it must also be in the race to prove and win ribbons or may simply scour the area only. Of course it has to look after itself to the feeding and care of horses in the games history. Furthermore, there is also the possibility that the protagonist can make their riders clothing and related accessories themselves to their liking in this PC game.
  • Is your girl a little fashion designer, then the PC game "Barbie: Fashion Show - Fashion with Style" just right for them. In the game, it can make the fashion for men and women and organize a photo shoot or a whole fashion show. Each posture of the model and the model itself, patterns, accessories and background music can decide for themselves to their hearts content.
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