Batteries man - as a superhero dress up with old ones

Batteries man - as a superhero dress up with old ones

Old batteries are great for Halloween costumes.

Batteries are almost always used in the household. Unfortunately, they are also very quickly empty and lying around because they can not be easily disposed of with normal waste. If that gets on my nerves, they construct their old batteries from a great disguise and go as a brand new superhero: The batteries man.

Batteries man - so, this basic clothing

  • A typical battery, which everyone knows from physics class is mostly black and red above.
  • Therefore, you should, if you want to dress up as a battery, also wear black clothes.
  • Your hair you should spraying with red carnival hairspray.
  • For this purpose, you should make sure that the dress is tight, form-fitting, because superheroes in movies and comics bear indeed most things close.
  • Also, you should, if possible wear, heavy boots.

Now you have the right clothes - but now you also have to bring the old batteries.

To replace the batteries

  1. To mount the batteries on your costume, you need metal adhesive. For this, you are best advised to arrange a craft store.
  2. The glue is first put on the shoulders of your shell. Click here to apply several batteries in series, causing it to look like badges.
  3. Then glue a button placket batteries on the upper part.
  4. Depending on how many you have, you can still make out the old batteries and a belt - from a distance they are as cartridges and thus quite menacing look.

Conclusion: Each old battery, which can be found at home, you can use perfect for your costume as a special Superman.

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