Battlefield 3: DirectX Error - what to do?

Battlefield 3: DirectX Error - what to do?

How to update DirectX.

A DirectX error usually occurs only when the installed version on your computer is too old. Especially new games, such as Battlefield 3, always need a current version of DirectX, otherwise the error occurs again and again. Perhaps the game will not start at all or at some point there will be a total system failure.

Download DirectX

  1. First, you should click the following link for a new version of DirectX. By this you are always forwarded automatically to the latest available version, even if you later appear a more recent.
  2. Click the Windows "Start download" and select the server from chip out. Here you select the "Download" window. Save the file on your computer from now and download it.
  3. If this is on your computer, it must first be extracted. Therefore, first create a folder anywhere where you want to paste the files. Click on the DirectX file and unzip everything into the folder you just created.

Remove DirectX Error in Battlefield 3

  1. After the files are unpacked, you can start the .exe file. Accept the license agreement by clicking on "OK" and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
  2. The installation will take some time. When this is complete, you must restart the computer necessarily new. Only then will the new settings to take effect.
  3. If this comes up again, you start the game Battlefield 3 again. This time not a DirectX error should appear.
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