Bauernhortensie - how to get a long flowering

Bauernhortensie - how to get a long flowering

Hydrangeas are decorative flowers.

The Bauernhortensie is very decorative

  • For a long time they had disappeared from the gardens. But today she has found her place. With lush flower-balls in white, pink and blue, it is a real eye-catcher.
  • The Bauernhortensie perfect for use in design, transforming some repellent around in a romantic place. The plants spread a rural atmosphere, especially in getöpferten pottery. Likewise, they are decorative as cut flowers in vases, fresh or dried.

A newer variety guaranteed more flower

  • For a long flowering a newer breed of Bauernhortensie called "Endless Summer" is especially popular. It blooms several times and all summer and it withstands extreme winter.
  • It often happens that hydrangea flower only on the shoots of the previous year. Not If they survive the frost, they do not bloom. In contrast, the umbels of new species also appear to fresh shoots.
  • A young "Endless Summer" you do not necessarily need to cut. To remove the spent flowers is much more important. Hats and quiet but every now and then a flower, which promotes the growth of the plant. Among young farmer hydrangeas you need only prune the branches that interfere with the form. But in plants from 5 years you should extensive overlap. Remove about 1/3 of all leading shoots, the best and oldest knorrigsten.
  • Experienced gardeners leave the flowers of Hydrangea flowers in winter off to protect the new shoots from the cold. In addition, the plant will also decorate the winter or the environment.

Begins the spring, remove the old inflorescences of Bauernhortensie.

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