BGR 203: Roof work - what should you take into consideration

BGR 203: Roof work - what should you take into consideration

Caution: roof work is dangerous. © Michael_Baudy / Pixelio

The basics of roof work

  • BGR 203 must be considered when companies make on roofs roofing or roof waterproofing. It does not matter, so the roof is covered occurs (eg. As tiles or thatch) or how the seal. Green roofs also come under this heading.
  • Since the rules were drawn up in this deal to a great extent with organizational measures that are necessary for example when several companies are working at a construction site at the same time. It is also about supervision, instruction and reporting requirements.

Security by BGR 203

  • Generally listed in the BGR 203 dangers involved in roofing works and how they can be kept as low as possible. A large part of the rules relating to the proper design of the workplace. These measures should know and take into account yourselfer. Take, for example, that in the work area are only the materials that are needed for your work, and danger spots are clearly marked.
  • Overall helps the rules to classify a specific risk based on clear guidelines as roof pitch and the Art of coverage you select the correct safety equipment. Once this is known, you can see the work as it needs to be built. The rules are exact information as to the manner in which work on the roof must be secured. This also depends on the weather, not only on the type of the roof and the inclination. Also, the level of activity that is performed on the roof, is significant.
  • Using tables can be found in Chapter 4, which security measures when necessary. Observe the rules of this chapter carefully. Even though you something seems excessive, none of the measures is unimportant. The point is that no one can ever be absolutely attentive. A little carelessness may not lead to a fall from the roof. The rules are there to mitigate the consequences of mistakes, because mistakes will always be made.

So your building is safe

  • Try to be more like a responsible businessman, even if you only make private and home improvement on your own roof something.
  • Trust in roof work the 03 established at BGR rules. If there as a safety scaffold is required for a job, you mount a.
  • Note there is also the rules for the installation, as to any proposed security device also rules for how this is to be mounted correctly.
  • Do not improvise, because improvisation can be lethal on the roof.
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