Bicycle brake follow - so go ahead

Bicycle brake follow - so go ahead

Brakes on the bike to work.

So you can correctly follow the bicycle brakes

The purchase of a bicycle is a good alternative to expensive motor vehicles. On the one hand it is good for health, on the other hand it prevents air pollution ago. Buyer is to make sure that it is the right size, is comfortable to ride for you and that it complies with the rules of the road traffic. The wheel is usually almost completely mounted, only the pedals must be mounted handlebars and saddle are not in the correct position and the bicycle brakes you have to follow suit.

  1. The bicycle brake you can join him in three places and adjust. This is partly due to the pads down to where the rubber stamp attached. With these screws, adjust to beginning the removal of the stamp to the rim. Both sides should have the same distance, thereby inflicting upon activation of the brake, the right and left brake pads simultaneously braking effect on the rim. The gap between rubber and rim should have approximately five millimeters.
  2. The second shot you take up in front of the brake brackets, where the right and left brackets are fastened together by means of Bowden. At this point the two brackets are from Bowden moved and drawn together when you press the brake lever on the handlebars, and thus the two brake pads are pressed against the rim below. Right or left, where the Bowden is connected to the two temples, there is a hollow screw you can turn in or out. Decrease again the distance between the blocks to the rim so that about three millimeters clearance remain.
  3. On top link next to the handles are two levers which you operate with your fingers and activate forward or backward respectively the brakes. On the levers you can find the third option where you can follow your bike brake. Where the Bowden is connected to the brake lever, there is a screw that is secured with a lock nut before adjustment. With this screw, adjust the braking distance of the lever, ie how far the lever you have to be moved in order to achieve full braking effect. Ask it here so that shortly after pressing the lever, the braking effect. Just make sure that the other essentials way for an emergency braking is free and you can not push the lever to the handlebar, without having reached the maximum braking effect.

In the end, tighten the lock nut again so that the setting can not re-adjusted independently. After repeated use of the brakes, you should check all the settings again and tighten if necessary, the bicycle brakes over again.

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