Blueprint for a Mülltonnenbox

Blueprint for a Mülltonnenbox

That does not happen with the Mülltonnenbox.

To hide the garbage cans effectively, you can let them disappear in a specially-hewn box. The blueprint is easily explained. Consider the construction that they want to throw up from the trash and need to remove the tons for emptying.

The right plan for the box

  1. Unplug the place where the bins should be available later. Do this by a few inches to maneuver.
  2. Measure the pickets in the correct length.
  3. Cut the slats rightly use the correct length. You need enough for the back and two side panels.
  4. Nail the fence boards for the back of the two posts for the back.
  5. Nail the respective shorter slats for the side panels initially only on each front post.
  6. Now place two of the walls hold each other and leave your assistants parts.
  7. Nail the slats of the side panels to the posts back.
  8. Do the same with the second side.
  9. Now remove from eight other battens two frames collectively cover the front.
  10. Cut more slats way in the width of this frame.
  11. Nail them to the frame so that two closed rectangles created in the style of the standing walls.
  12. Fix these frames using the hinges on the box.
  13. Make another such rectangle the size of the base of the box.
  14. Connect this to further hinges as cover on the back of the box.

The proper use of Mülltonnenbox

  • Ask if the weather permits, the barrel forward but open in the box, so they only need to open a lid.
  • If the weather does not permit an open storage in the Dustbin, make tons into reverse. Thus, they can lift the trash can lid, even when the lid of Mülltonnenbox is not fully open.
  • Adjust the tonnes for pickup from the Dustbin out so that the garbage men do not incorrectly put it back again or even overlooked.
  • If needed, you can expand the blueprint by further cross struts and shield the cover with roofing felt to rain.
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