Borrow SLR - advantages and disadvantages compared to buying

Borrow SLR - advantages and disadvantages compared to buying

Borrow or buy?

Benefits of borrowed SLR

  • Not everyone wants to immediately buy a SLR. By borrowing this camera especially beginners can test first if this camera is the right home for them in the photography industry.
  • A principal advantage is of course the cost. A good reflex kicks and all accessories fast times with 500 € up to 1000 euros. Who then realizes that he can not cope with this camera is quite a while angry about the money thrown out the window.
  • If an SLR camera requires only sporadically, it can also be useful to borrow this instead of buying. It's too bad about the money when the camera finally 11 months a year is in the closet instead of being used.

Borrowing a reflex camera - Disadvantages

  • There are always pros and cons. During the distinctive advantage lies with the loan in cost savings outweigh the great responsibility at a disadvantage.
  • Inadvertent movement can be very expensive - namely when doing the borrowed SLR camera is broken. Maybe it breaks for other reasons. Also this one has the lender - whether friend or photo shop - stand straight. Then, if the liability insurance does not apply, the new purchase of an SLR is not far away.
  • The same is true for a stolen camera. Also, it must be replaced in such cases.
  • A strange camera also always means a new beginning. Hardly anyone knows about an SLR when it is first used. As a result, then, not all functions are fully utilized.

Whether you borrow or buy an SLR but rather, solely depends on whether you want to take on this responsibility for this valuable camera.

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