Braces - choose colors advantageous succeed as

Braces - choose colors advantageous succeed as

Braces are available in a variety of looks.

Brackets - metal or transparent

  • Until recent years, brackets and braces wire to pass almost always made of silver metal.
  • This is still the cheapest option, which is still accessible.
  • Meanwhile, there are also transparent braces, which actually did not notice also in combination with bright wires.
  • Which option you prefer, is not only a question of cost, but also depends on how much you are willing to stand up for your clip.
  • If you have very small teeth, but it is generally better to opt for the light variety, otherwise the bracket cover the entire tooth surface, which can look from afar, as if you had bad teeth.

Not only are the colors of the brackets, but also the gums, you can choose yourself. There are many more options.

Select colors of the Rings - Braces

  • The gums which are fixed to the brackets, there are also transparent. These are but unfortunately after a few weeks usually somewhat yellowish.
  • Therefore, you should, if you want an unobtrusive option, decide from the outset for a white or beige or even a bright yellow.
  • If you do not want to but hide your clip, you can also select candyshop rubber in pink, green or purple - all of it there is.
  • However, many carriers clasp also like the stark contrast, the results from black rubber - they fall on the bright teeth naturally on special and bite with no clothes color.

Conclusion: There are many choices for the color of teeth braces - alone decide your fashion preferences.

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