Broad-based protrusion - Informative

Broad-based protrusion - Informative

Spinal pain can indicate a protrusion.

Constant back pain, which may radiate even in the legs or arms, can be very bad. Often it is because of a wrong attitude or lack of exercise, but sometimes the spine is already sick. With targeted exercises but you can still do something about it.

This is a broad-based protrusion

  • A broad-based protrusion is a variation of the spine. The fiber rings bulge outwards here, sometimes they are even slightly touched.
  • This disease is diagnosed with a CT scan. It can be seen from the pictures that the fiber ring is properly suppressed by the space between the vertebrae.
  • Basically it is a precursor to herniation. So get protrusion also be treated.

Thus, the protrusion is treated

  • As a rule, already very well help a manual therapy. Through specific exercises and stretches the spine, the load should be made to the broad-based protrusion.
  • Osteopathic treatment can also help very well here. The osteopath will stretch the spine, which can relieve the pain very quickly.
  • The doctor will also inject an analgesic. This is a pain reliever that reduces inflammation.
  • Surgery is not usually necessary. If your doctor suggests you this, you should seek or a second opinion because some doctors advise hastily operations.

In the broad-based protrusion You will have pain in the back. Preferably, this disease occurs after age 40 and usually in the lumbar area. This treatment can also help you should consult for back pain always consult a doctor if it does not get better after three days.

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