Brown coal briquettes - advantages and disadvantages when heating

Brown coal briquettes - advantages and disadvantages when heating

Brown coal is mined in open cast mining.

Brown coal briquettes - so you can weigh from

Brown coal is available in Germany in abundance, she was in the former GDR even the renewable fuel. In recent years, the heating with lignite briquettes even is on the upswing again, as many builders and homeowners installing the face of high oil and gas prices stoves or open fires that they heat, inter alia, brown coal briquettes. Even Supplies offer the briquettes now bundles for sale.

  • An advantage of heating with lignite briquettes it is definitely that the heat arises where you want it in that moment, namely, for example, in the living room when it gets chilly at night. How "big" Heating the house on cool evenings needs are not additionally dressed. This lowers the cost of heating and of course some heat pulls in the other rooms.
  • However, if you use briquettes, you must cause it were for your heating fuel itself. You must buy the briquettes, transport into the house, there store (you have sufficient space?), Feed the furnace and dispose of the ashes. Lower heating costs must therefore be earned with their own work, so to speak.
  • Problems can also make the sulfur content of the lignite. When electricity is generated in power plants, this share is removed by filters (flue gas scrubbing). However, many stoves do not have such a filter and enter the sulfur in the environment.
  • In addition, arises when burning lignite relatively large amount of carbon dioxide, the amount is about twice as much as other fossil fuels - a further disadvantage.

A fuel mix with briquettes from brown coal is optimal

You should therefore consider how you - if you want even heat with brown coal briquettes - use the briquettes in a so-called fuel mix.

  • The classic mix consists of logs (grow), wood briquettes (eco-friendly) and lignite briquettes. Downside is of course that you need additional storage space for the wood and a dry location for wood briquettes.
  • Especially the wood briquettes offered in Bauhandel are a useful adjunct or alternative to the lignite briquettes because they are made from sawdust (ie wood waste) and untreated wood shavings made.
  • The uniform wood briquettes arise then under high pressure, binders are not added. And since the briquettes were indeed made of wood you burn and CO2-neutral, that is what the tree once recorded will be returned.
  • However - and this speaks again for lignite briquettes - make this a long-lasting embers, which can not be achieved with briquettes from wood. So you're interested in a constant heat, brown coal needs to be loaded at least after ignition.

Depending on your Heizbed├╝rfnissen and the desired cost savings, you should choose a mix of fossil energy sources and make heating your stove or tiled stove not only with brown coal briquettes.

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