Brown mushrooms in the grass - you can do about it

Brown mushrooms in the grass - you can do about it

Brown Mushrooms can be persistent.

Brown mushrooms as an indicator of the quality of turf

Various mushrooms in the grass can be drawn regarding the soil quality and nutritional deficiencies to:

  • Mosses, lichens, brown mushrooms, yarrow and many other uninvited "guests" can often be down in the lawn. Accordingly, it is on the one hand on the lawn places to be and how sensitive it reacts to suboptimal growth conditions.
  • Basically, you should ensure that no tangles in the lawn that pro- mote brown mushrooms and their distribution area and infestation, scarify the lawn in the spring after mowing. By aerating machine (alternatively rake) You can scarify such areas on the surface, so that the felt is removed and the grass roots can be supplied with water and nutrients again.
  • Also in early autumn, before the vegetation and growth period is over, you should scarify the lawn at this time again from the other direction, so that the grass in the autumn and winter is well supplied and no fungi can colonize as winter approaches.
  • You should get a soil analysis and the ground if necessary, much of it is in the settlement with brown mushrooms in the grass at a indication that the soil has to be acidic environment. With dry-lime, which is available in the horticultural trade market in the garden, you can place a large surface scatter the powder and then water the lawn. In this way, acidic soil is neutralized and thus the growth conditions for brown mushrooms deteriorated, so that the grass grows healthy.

Control pests in the lawn effectively

Often brown mushrooms settle in certain locations, so this should be viewed and edited in more detail.

  • Brown Mushrooms like to settle in locations where some old tree roots penetrate the soil near the surface of the ground. In this way, the brown fungi feed on the rotting material and support as ecological helpers in the decomposition of plant material.
  • Remove old roots and stems from the soil and fill these posts on humus and sow in spring new grass seed so that the sites were on the one hand processed, on the other hand, no brown fungi can colonize meters lawn more by removing old plant material at these sites.
  • If you want to upgrade soil quality, so your lawn again beautiful, strong green and lush looks like and can settle no brown mushrooms, you should fertilize with organic fertilizer the lawn stated by the manufacturer. With the supply is ensured that the individual grass plants are well supplied with minerals, trace elements and nutrients.
  • On the other hand, promotes the decomposition of organic fertilizer in the soil by bacterial activity and thus the work-up of the soil, so that even after the lawn can provide better without fertilizer. In contrast, mineral fertilizer because of the high concentration of nutrient salts burn attacked lawns, especially the fine roots of the lawn can not compensate for over-fertilising and often a go.
  • The spring and late summer are very suitable for fertilizing lawns, so you can effectively in these phases with the right fertilizer and the actions taken to remove brown mushrooms in the grass.
  • Collect from the brown mushrooms, prevent new spores on the aerial plant part of the fungi can redistribute on the lawn. Repeat the removal until show no new mushroom head more, because the brown mushroom was accordingly removed completely from the lawn.

Combine these measures for eliminating and for the prevention of brown mushrooms in the grass, so you get a nice, uniform lawn.

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