Build stone wall of natural stone - so go ahead

Build stone wall of natural stone - so go ahead

Stone wall visual boundaries

Creating a stone wall of natural stones - the preparatory work

  • Depending on what the stone wall is to be used, the location must be selected individually. A wall, the north-south direction is built, has many sunny areas which are, however, even for a few hours in the shade. Thus, drying of the bricks is avoided.
  • The natural stones should be stones, which is also available in the area. The best view of field stones.
  • If you want to build a stone wall, you should get in a quarry shapeless and unhewn stones. One square meter outer surface accounts for half to one ton of bricks. The wall is detached, you must schedule twice as much.
  • Since this is a dry-stone wall, ie without mortar and rigid foundation, the foot of the wall should be about 50 inches when the wall crown. Thus, the wall becomes stable.
  • The wall itself should be at least 40 centimeters. The base is on a sand or gravel bed with a thickness of 20 centimeters.
  • In order to get a high stability, should stones several so-called "Reconnection" lie in any position. Here are stones that are just as thick as the wall is. The mural crown is then composed of heavy Abdecksteinen.

Build detached stone wall - step by step

A detached stone wall of natural stones do not need a foundation. This is only important that the base is many times wider than the wall tip. (1 meter = base with 1 meter to 1.50 meters).

  1. Lift with a loamy soil from the base to a depth of about 20 centimeters.
  2. Attach there a sand bed.
  3. Now place the first layer of stones so that the inner region can be filled with sand. That means: Put the stones on the two long sides of the base along. Large stones here are particularly good.
  4. The sides of the stone wall must be tilted inward.
  5. Place the stones layer by layer so that the best side of the stones be outwards.
  6. Once you have reached the desired level, remove flat and large stones for the upper layer of the stone wall.
  7. Planting your wall now with vegetable of your choice. But paying attention please make sure that the plants are also suitable for the location of the wall.

Your stone wall of natural stones is now ready.

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