Building roof - Here's a doghouse

Building roof - Here's a doghouse

Build your dog a hut.

To prepare the roof

They build a roof for a dog kennel, made entirely of wood.

  1. Measure the length and width of your kennel. Then cut 5 cm x 5 cm impregnated pine wood beams on these dimensions to.
  2. On all sides of your four pine wood struts are provided with a miter of 45 degrees. This miter is important to properly zusammenzuschrauben fit during assembly of your roof to the base frame. These four pine wood struts form the basic framework for the roof that you build.
  3. To give the small center bar for your roof a holder, you should cut two 5 cm x 5 cm impregnated pine wood beams on the relevant dimension of 5 cm. These two pine wooden struts are then screwed vertically on the side bars of the base frame.
  4. Now cut even the 5 cm x 5 cm longitudinal members of your roof, you are building for the doghouse. This longitudinal members should have the outer longitudinal size of your base frame.
  5. The actual roof Then build from 2 cm thick impregnated chipboard, which you can then cut to size after the base frame and structure are made. This plywood is provided on one side with a 45 Gard miter.

To build the doghouse

  1. To assemble your roof, the four pine striving for the main frame will now once screwed together. This base frame then gets in the middle, the two struts bolted that will then hold the center bar of the roof.
  2. These two 5 cm x 5 cm using struts are bolted sheet metal brackets on the sides of the base frame vertically. When these two struts are, the center bar is placed on both bracing and also screwed.
  3. Next, take the impregnated particle board and nail it to the side bar of the base frame and center bar, so you will then receive a pitched roof. Since you have provided both long sides of particleboard with mitres, your roof is located at the joint point well.
  4. To give the roof when building an extra protection against rain and snow, the two sides of the roof are now still covered with roofing felt. You can play the roofing felt with special roofing nails. Start by installing the roofing felt on your dog just built roof always from the bottom up.

Make sure that the nails do not protrude from the wood.

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