Buy clothes - Alternatives to H & M and Co.

Buy clothes - Alternatives to H & M and Co.

On Etsy and DaWanda see Homemade all kinds.

How to find alternatives to the mainstream on site

You are looking for clothing that was produced to acceptable environmental and social conditions? Then you have several options in major cities.

  • A first point of contact are small clothing shops that do not belong to any of these chains. Look for them in alternative areas of your city. You may also find a shop that sells home-made garments. But do not be surprised about the prices: These are the reasonable wages for a garment, which was produced under fair conditions in Germany, only you are it is no longer used by H & M and other chains. But who sits four hours on a sweater and those made of Ökostoff can certainly ask 120 euros or more for the final piece.
  • In some health food stores you will find a small assortment of organic clothes, often by the brand Living Crafts. Do not expect fancy, but the offer is limited - except in larger health food stores - to basics, some baby clothes and plain underwear.
  • If you want to conserve resources shopping, can look in thrift stores for clothing. The things are not produced organically or fair, but you solve with your purchase no further production process from - so far this alternative is even resource-saving than newly manufactured organic clothing. The disadvantage is that you have to look sometimes until you have found something you like and fits.
  • If you are in fine motor gifted and effort are not afraid, you can sew your clothes, and of course yourself. Here you have all the creative freedom in the world, with a pattern, for example by Burda, succeed many pieces are easier than imagined. You also have the option to sew your clothes from biomaterials.

Great websites for alternative clothing

On the Internet, you will always find something, so you can buy alternative clothing if you do not have access to relevant stores.

  • Here was once the avocado gates mentioned. This Online store has a large selection of high-quality, ethically produced clothing, accessories and many living- and life-item. For each product is to read what criteria it meets, for example, that it was organic and fair produced, the production of CO2 and resource-saving occurred or that the product made in Germany or vegan is. The very high transparency makes this online shop especially attractive - and at the gigantic assortment for men, women, children, athletes, pregnant et cetera everyone should find something.
  • Handmade, visit the lovingly designed platform about. The garments are of course not as cheap as in New York, but you are buying directly from the producer, who has the most things independently cottage industry and thus determines its own reward. You also have the option to search for clothing made from organic substances produced. Many of the pieces are unique and often you can also ask for the seller, whether a piece can be customized, for example, with long sleeves, in a different color, et cetera.
  • An international platform comparable to DaWanda, Etsy is. Again, handmade clothing, jewelry and other are sold. Who here wants something different than the image shown, however, should speak English, because cavort on Etsy sellers from all over the world.
  • If you have no desire to dig through the limited assortment of a second-hand store, you can find dresses in a very roundabout comprehensive platform for used clothing. You can look very precisely according to your criteria so you will find it faster and more secure than in the store. The contact is very personal: you do not click "buy", but ask the provider directly and can further ask questions about this product.
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