Buy Dodge Charger - you should make sure

Buy Dodge Charger - you should make sure

A muscle car in Burnout.

Buy a classic Dodge Charger

  • The Charger, which was built in the 60s and 70s, had two doors and a HEMI V8 engine with plenty of capacity. If you want to buy a classic Dodge Charger, then you should definitely pay attention to the condition of the car.
  • There are circulating many models at various car portals on the Internet, even though the car was never officially offered in Germany. The general rule is that cars are never require repair or damage-free under 15,000 euros. Keep an eye out for better car to 20,000 euros.
  • If you want to be sure that the car throughout an Original, then pay attention to the certificate "Matching Numbers". This certifies that engine and frame were not renewed, and that the car is in original condition.
  • A classic Charger, you can login with H-plates. Taxes are then much lower. This will turn out with over 6 liters anyway high. So take advantage of the H flag.
  • Rust makes old cars like the Charger to provide, since the body was not then galvanized or were parts from aluminum. In particular, look at the trunk, doors and wheel arches to Rost.

Buy a modern Dodge Charger

  • The modern Dodge Charger has, except the name, nothing more to do with the original. This has 4 doors and is offered as a 6-cylinder. If you want to buy such a new model, then you need to consider a little.
  • A modern Charger is available in different engine variants. In Germany you should think about the 6-cylinder as the SRT-8 (8-cylinder) uses a lot of fuel. In addition, the V6 3.5-liter engine is cheaper to tax.
  • Also pay attention to to find top offers. In low mileage not been approved in Germany models are sold under 20,000 to 25,000 euros. Some dealers sell namely the car on the Internet at affordable prices to Germany, even though the car is on sale in the United States. Thus, you would have to be shipped, pay customs duty and the TÜV tags themselves. Therefore, let the fingers of cars, which have never been allowed in Germany.
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