Buy laptop - it should look Seniors

Buy laptop - it should look Seniors

A laptop should fit the person.

Differences laptop and netbook

Just seniors do not pay attention at discounted computer offerings often on the finer points. Thus, a netbook is offered instead of a laptop often, which of course includes certain restrictions.

  • For a netbook the periphery, such as a DVD drive is missing. These peripherals must be purchased separately and operated via the USB port of your computer.
  • A netbook is mainly tailored to the internet and allows only with additional peripherals to the installation of specific software components.
  • The representation of a netbook is very small, since most of the screen has a size of not more than 10.1 inches.

Criteria when buying a laptop

  • A laptop should have appropriate internal drives, which also have the ability to burn DVDs.
  • Make sure that the hard disk capacity is at least 160 gigabytes.
  • The size of the screen should be located at 14.1 inches or higher. Just seniors have eye problems, and must therefore pay attention to particularly good visibility when working with her laptop.
  • A current operating system, such as Windows 7, should be included. When you buy also the fact that this is already installed.
  • In addition, you should be careful when buying that at least three USB inputs on the unit are available. This allows you to easy connection of external devices or additional external storage options.
  • A "Wireless LAN" hereinafter also called, WiFi, should be included and enabled in the device. On newer systems is standard.
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