Candy C2 145: Replace door seal - so go ahead

Candy C2 145: Replace door seal - so go ahead

The door seal on a washing machine, you can even change.

What should you consider before changing

  • Before you change the gasket on your Candy C2 145 itself, first check if you still have warranty claims against the manufacturer. Should you be uncertain in this regard, you can contact the manufacturer.
  • Before you start replacing the gasket, disconnect the machine from the water supply hose and let the machine run dry.
  • Disconnect the unit from the power and unplug the washing machine before a piece to work better.
  • Lay out a pickup in front of the appliance, as can always collect small amounts of water in the rubber seal.

Installation instructions for the new gasket on the Candy C2 145

  1. First, you must unscrew the lid of the machine. This is attached to the left and right with a screw to the chassis. After loosening the screws you can slide the cover back and then remove it.
  2. Remove the filling tray for washing machine and fabric softener and open the door of the machine.
  3. Inside the machine is a tension between the rubber ring of metal, which is secured with a screw. After loosening the screw, you can solve metal ring and the seal of the drum.
  4. The seal is secured with a total of two rings. If both rings resolved, you can pull the seal on the door of the machine.
  5. If you drag the new gasket on the drum, make sure that this is straight and all the way onto the drum before attaching the clamping rings.
  6. Replace the cover on the machine and provide the device with electricity and water.
  7. Run the washing program the machine without laundry and watch emerges whether water. If this is the case, you have the gasket is not properly installed. In this case, check the fit of the seal and the clamping rings.
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