Car buying privately - so you draw up a contract of sale

Car buying privately - so you draw up a contract of sale

Used car dealers have to offer a guarantee.

What you should consider before buying the car

  • The car buying privately is certainly always involves a degree of risk, but you can ensure long before the creation of the purchase contract for a little security. For example, look only potential car and who also German papers.
  • Let us show you all the relevant documents, including the service history with all inspections. If these documents and the original papers not be complete or entirely absent, then you will be quiet suspicious and ask for.
  • Even cars with sellers from abroad, you should take a close look. When someone makes a very good offer, but the car is still abroad, you should refrain.

Thus, the original is also a real contract

A contract you do not have to sit unassisted completely, there are good templates for the private purchase from the Internet. However, it is important to make it even a real contract. For many information are necessary.

  1. The complete name of the seller needs to be there.
  2. The complete address of the seller must also be noted.
  3. The exact description of the car (make, model, vehicle identification number) should not be missed.
  4. The mileage should be written down.
  5. It should be noted in writing, who makes the decrease or re-registration.
  6. The amount in Euro must be noted there (in full).
  7. And very important: the signature of the buyer and seller can not miss!

But these are only the most necessary minimal information, please fill out all the fields and check also a copy of the identity card of the seller give.

The financial management of the private purchase

  • Just as important as the contract is the financial settlement after buying a car. Pay despite contract, never money to a foreign account, and certainly not when the car is to be transferred only after receipt of payment.
  • Suggest an exchange before, cash against documents and keys. This is still the safest, especially for you as a buyer. As a tip: If you want to have it checked the car and the seller refuses, then something is wrong.
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