Carbon - Characteristics of the chemical element

Carbon - Characteristics of the chemical element

Biota consists of carbon.

Characteristics of carbon - occurrence of an element important

  • In his profile of carbon impressed by its wide occurrence.
  • The important element is present in the biosphere and is also found in large quantities in every living being.
  • In elemental form is found, for example, carbon graphite or in diamonds.
  • Especially common carbon bound to, for example, in the form of carbonates. The limestone mountains in Italy is made up of such compounds.
  • A large deposits of carbon can be found in the fossil fuels, such as coal, natural gas and petroleum. The formation of these substances is due to the conversion of decayed animal and plant parts under pressure.
  • Furthermore, carbon is present in the air, where it is known as carbon dioxide. This occurs, for example, when carbon-containing compounds burn. Carbon dioxide is also contained in the water and plays an important role in respiration and photosynthesis.

Versatile Carbon - Properties and Uses

  • The properties in the characteristics of carbon are varied. The individual atoms can be chain or ring interconnect, where they can form single, double or triple bonds.
  • Elemental carbon dissolves into water or in acids or bases or organic solvents.
  • With oxygen, the key element is 3 different gaseous compounds: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and carbon suboxide, whereby the first two are the most important for industrial processes. Thus, carbon dioxide is used in fire extinguishers, or as well as a cooling aggregate, for example, in dry ice used.
  • One of the modifications of carbon, the graphite is used for example as a lubricant or for sharpening pencils. Diamond as a further modification is known as jewelry means.
  • In combination with oxygen, the carbon may also form certain salts, such as sodium bicarbonate, which is better than "soda" known.
  • Overall, must be attributed to the carbon of great importance. Without this essential element would life on Earth, as we know it today, is not conceivable.
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