Care bed by the health insurance rejected - what to do?

Care bed by the health insurance rejected - what to do?

Care must be available for the approval of a hospital bed.

When applying for a nursing bed is the right service provider needs to be addressed.

Care bed by health insurance or nurse Checkout

The resources catalog of health insurance healthcare bed is listed. The Social Code (SGB V) has designated as key personnel, the health insurance company. In addition, the care bed in nursing aids catalog of the nursing care insurance is included. The Social Code (SGB XI) determined in this case, the care fund as a service provider.

  • If a health insurance company to take over a hospital bed, a doctor's prescription is required. The regulation should be in terms of a clear definition of the entry "disabled bed".
  • Incorrect or unclear wording when applying for a nursing bed often lead to rejections of health insurance. This then refer the applicant to the competent care insurance fund.
  • In general, the care fund acts as subordinated performers. They will do this if the health insurance and all other senior service providers have been exhausted.
  • If, at the request of a nursing bed already a level of care that demonstrates the need for care, the insurance covers part of the cost. Of care must participate mostly through a contribution of about 10 percent of the costs.

If the application is rejected

The nursing bed can only be applied if some conditions are met. Through a nursing bed care and independent living are relieved and alleviated suffering.

  • Already during the application process must be taken to illustrate the need for a nursing bed very accurate. The health insurance must be represented, held what specific nursing services in bed.
  • If the insurance company has a nursing bed improperly rejected, you have to insert the first thing objection to the decision to refuse the insurance company.
  • Is it relevant to any satisfactory clarification, you can also venture the aisle before the social court. The supply needs can usually be easily detected by the precise descriptions of relatives or nursing services.

If the acquisition of a nursing bed for cost reasons is financed privately, there is still the opportunity to rent a hospital bed for an indefinite period. This is usually free. Can clarify the issue a consultation with the hospital or care fund.

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