Carnival Speeches - so you write a good Büttenrede

Carnival Speeches - so you write a good Büttenrede

You should write once a carnival speech!

Carnival Talking, listening to, ever so slightly and fuzzy, as if they were written in passing, but anyone who has ever tried to write such a speech, white: It is very difficult to write a funny Büttenrede that captivates the audience !

What should I watch for successful carnival speeches

  1. For Carnival speeches one first needs a concept, ie a focal point of interest and with which they can identify with the audience, so you should think about the target group and their interests.
  2. If you can not determine the target audience, you should choose a topic of general interest, ie about current events, all the ties.
  3. Before formulated, one should design an action Stang, so set the topics on which the carnival speech lurches along.
  4. Only when a backbone of topics and examples is, it's time to truly formulate and rhymes
  5. The speech should not be made too one-sided but in no minorities or larger groups of people are attacked
  6. A good, sharp-witted and intelligent Büttenrede does not need a bawdy jokes, so please formulate all temperate. By selectively omitting, hinting and pauses much greater effects can be achieved than by clumsy formulations

What should be included in a Büttenrede

  • The most important thing is to win the audience's attention right from the start! Failing this, the inattention will only increase more and more. A helpful stylistic device, it is for. Example, to address some of those present. This need not necessarily be celebrities, you can also indicate special costumes, etc..
  • The first topic should be very interesting and of course red hot. Around this issue can often little provocative statements put in the room that let the audience take notice.
  • The speech can be political, but should be easy to understand and very humorous in any case.
  • It is cheeky and funny questions on this topic, which captivate the audience so that it is quite excited waiting for the response and resolution
  • In addition to the humorous approach, the speech should include a critical topics for a Büttenredner has freedom of speech. He may also appeal uncomfortable things.
  • Of course, the Mardi Gras (Carnival, Carnival) should be mentioned. You can appeal to old customs.
  • Getting loose and lively formulate and never too dry, because then goes out the audience's attention

Good luck with the writing and reciting the carnival speeches!

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