Choose the right health insurance - Dual Studies

Choose the right health insurance - Dual Studies

Dual study is compulsory insurance for spare cash.

Dual studies as unit training

  • The Federal Social Court has held that a dual degree can not be seen as a work placement as part of a study.
  • If during the training takes place to study adjunct to in-company training, there is a compulsory insurance in statutory health insurance for students.
  • The student is simultaneously trainee who receives a training allowance. This is a form of income. Since the training allowance for a dual degree does not exceed the income threshold in statutory health insurance, there is no way to take out a student health insurance through a private provider.

Selecting the Multi health insurance by Amenities

  • Even if a dual degree program is structured so that the company training ends before the university education, the legislature assumes a continued employment in the company. The spare cash to indemnify will thus consist.
  • The contribution rate under the statutory scheme is identical in all societies, since the contribution is required by law. Those seeking a dual degree and thus insurance, but can select by additional services.
  • A first selection criterion, however, can be the additional contribution. Ersatzkassen, when the contributions of the insured community are not sufficiently raise additional contributions.
  • The achievements in public health insurance are also regulated by the law. The companies are 95% identical.
  • The details are to support preventive measures.
  • If you love sports, for example, in the gym, pick up a replacement fund, which supports the visit of the fitness center.
  • There are also private plans with bonus programs for students - perhaps you can participate in this event it.
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