Chronicle on FB - We make you presentable your profile

Chronicle on FB - We make you presentable your profile

Create your Chronicle on Facebook handsomely.

Highlight messages in the Chronicle on FB

Even if you are logged into FB and use the Chronicle, you can make various adjustments to make even more attractive your profile. So you can highlight, for example, certain pictures, status messages or activities by increasing these messages.

  1. To make your Chronicle on Facebook differently, you must be logged in as First on FB and have already viewed your history or your profile.
  2. So you can now highlight a particular message, you must're now in Your History for messages that you may find to be particularly important. Scroll to optionally with the mouse down.
  3. Once you have found a message that you want to highlight, you must move the mouse in the right corner on the message. Now two symbols appear.
  4. Click on the star icon if you now want to increase the message. The message is then displayed across the width of your chronicle.
  5. Do you want to make the process reverses, click again on the star.

Add life events to Your History

Your History at FB is more informative when you insert certain life events.

  1. This allows you to add life events, you must in Your History left "life event" click on the button.
  2. Then you get a choice of various life events displayed that you can add. You can, for example, life events in the fields of "Work & Education", "Family & Relationships", "Home & Lifestyle", "Health & Wellness" and add "Travel & experiences". Now move the mouse pointer over an area you want to mention in your chronicle.
  3. Now you get different sub items to each item displayed. So you can take as a selection, for example, the life event "wedding", "New Kid" or "new hobby". After making your selection will open a new window.
  4. Now enter the various data in the window that provide more information about the event.
  5. Finally, click on "Save" and even the life event is added to your chronicle.
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