Circuit symbol of a socket - so make current sources are properly

Circuit symbol of a socket - so make current sources are properly

Here you can see the two protective contacts. © Petra_Bork / Pixelio

In electrical engineering, there are different types of sockets, which are also represented each with different switching characters.

Sockets and their switching characters

  • A socket is a kind of small outlet that is often found where some headphones are plugged in. Such a connector has often not grounded.
  • This additional contact is if the power supply terminals connected to a protective conductor prevented in the event of an overvoltage that users of the equipment received an electric shock.
  • Sockets without earth contact are presented with a very simple circuit symbols. This consists of a downwardly open semicircle with one of the outer line of the semicircle upwardly bar.
  • The "bar" represents the cable feed, so here, the connection with other circuit symbols.

Special sockets

  • Most current indoor sources are dual-socket outlets. Here are above and below small Metallausstülpungen connected to the protective conductor. This is illustrated in the diagram by a small additional line with a "2" behind it.
  • Some sockets can also disconnect from the mains, here provides a switch for the current flow or interrupts them. When switching characters doing the usual outlets symbol is used to which a switch is still attached. This looks like an inverted "L".
  • Is slightly modified the circuit symbol for data sockets, such as telephone or microphone jacks. Here, the inverted semi-circle is replaced by a downwardly open rectangle.
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