Clean Decalcification - Manual

Clean Decalcification - Manual

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The cleansing of decalcification should you make regular

High-dose-purpose cleaner, so descaler is suitable for all utensils of brass, copper, tin, stainless steel and aluminum. Even if zinc is present, one can use it. However, you should perform a test before starting to clean an inconspicuous area.

  • For removal of lime scale, you should always pay attention to the acid resistance of the materials.
  • Universal Cleaner should always diluted 1:10 with water to be purified in the decalcification give.
  • The descaling solution should always cover the surface to be removed completely. Rising gas bubbles always point to the beginning of the descaling process.
  • Should show a decline in gas development, this means that the calcifications were dissolved, or the descaling solution is exhausted. If this is the case, you should note the following: To increase the Entkalkungsaktivität it would be advisable, the temperature at 40 ° - 50 ° degrees to continue. If necessary, the solution must be drained and the process be done repeatedly.
  • Of course, this Entkalkungsprodukte include hazardous areas, so before using the application instructions of the product should be absolutely intense read. Only then can be done a good cleaning.

Who cleans the decalcification benefits

  • Time for cleaning should always be taken, the tubes consist not only with lime to and you protect yourself from expensive repairs. Soft water provides the skin not only with important minerals, including the hair get more volume. If you have dandruff will notice the dandruff goes back considerably. Remember, the decalcification is to clean therefore only be beneficial.
  • The laundry is silky smooth. They increase with a cleaning of decalcification and your kitchen level. With decalcified water not only tea, but also coffee taste better. By softened water all flavors to full advantage.
  • If the decalcification be cleaned regularly to rule, there are no limescale and thus reduce energy costs automatically. Thus, the energy costs of water heaters, dishwashers and coffee machines will reduce significantly.
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