Clean terracotta tiles - how it works

Clean terracotta tiles - how it works

Maintain terracotta tiles with a wash polish!

Terracotta tiles require very special care because terracotta has very absorbent and porous texture. You should already treat your floor therefore initially while grouting him and then just maintain it regularly.

To clean terracotta tiles

  1. Already use in laying the terracotta tiles Fughilfe, you can use this, any tiles retardants. To prevent from the outset that the cement slurry can penetrate into your terracotta tiles. To protect the floor about to turn gray. You can clean your terracotta tiles so much easier.
  2. After that you should perform your final treatment. Select whether to use the conventional cleaning system without a color enhancement or instead prefer the natural system - it is characterized by a color enhancement. After this final treatment your terracotta tiles are protected against acidification.
  3. Select the conventional system, so you need to distribute a terracotta stain protection on the tiles. Treat the floor afterwards with wax stain (natural) to, but you could instead use a terracotta Hard Sealer. You can regularly perform with terracotta milk after this comprehensive treatment your terracotta tiles.
  4. Instead, choose the natural system to clean out, which is characterized by a deepening of color, you must terracotta advance scrub with natural resin oil. Now you should distribute the terracotta tiles Biowachs. So your soil is perfectly prepared. For regular floor care you need now only a terracotta wipe care.

Now your terracotta tiles are extensively pretreated to stay with you permanently beautiful. It now only needs regular care.

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