Clear settings from the Pokéwalker - how it works

Clear settings from the Pokéwalker - how it works

Any settings can be deleted.

Clear settings from the Pokéwalker

Please note: If you have started a new Pokémon game, it is not possible to recover the Pokémon from your Pokéwalker, a transfer is not possible.

Nintendo DS on, start, connect

  1. To clear the settings on your Pokéwalker, you will need your Nintendo DS. Please turn on your Nintendo DS is a simple.
  2. On your Nintendo DS, Pokémon game, start it as usual.
  3. Select Connect to the lowest menu item in the main menu of the Pokéwalker Pokémon game.
    Your Nintendo DS requires some information fill them accordingly, available by selecting from a corresponding Pokémon from the list that you associate with the Pokéwalker.
  4. Turn on your Pokéwalker. Your Nintendo DS searches for the Pokéwalker over the existing interface. Keep the Pokéwalker before the corresponding interface on the Nintendo DS device (see display at top of screen Nintendo DS). The interface is located near the DS card. Your Nintendo DS shows the complete process always indicate which input is required or what exactly happens in the current step.
  5. When you connect the Pokéwalker will beep at least twice. If the Pokéwalker was found, a message in the lower display of the Nintendo DS will appear.
    If you have already started a new Pokémon game, it should be noted that the Pokéwalker has already been registered. The connection is closed.
  6. Hold down the L button, the D-pad down and hold the X button. Your Nintendo DS is in accordance with a message that you are trying to delete the data on the Pokéwalker and asks if you wish. Enter "yes" indicates that you agree. You must keep the Pokéwalker before the interface now again, the data are now deleted accordingly.
  7. You have now reset your Pokéwalker accordingly. The original information has been deleted and can not be reconstructed.
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