Climate in Tenerife in December - so you can prepare your holiday

Climate in Tenerife in December - so you can prepare your holiday

The climate in December in Tenerife is lovely.

The climate in Tenerife in December promises Summer

  • Tenerife is also known as the "Island of Eternal Spring". The reason is that you can also expect a warm year-round, at least spring-like climate. In the summer are the average temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees in winter and 17 to 18 degrees - and it is quite possible to experience temperatures of around 25 degrees in December.
  • Due to the diversity of the landscape that offers Tenerife, but there are a few different microclimates on the island. Especially in the winter, it is fascinating if you are somewhere on the beach in the sun and watch at the same time lying on top of the Pico del Teide, which is the highest peak of Tenerife, snow.
  • In addition, there is a difference whether you vacation in the south or north of the island. In the south, you almost always have a greater guarantee of good weather than in the north. For this you will find more green landscapes in the north.
  • On the whole, you are in Tenerife experience than in Germany in December basically always better climate. And almost always, you have the opportunity to explore in December beautiful beach days where you can swim in the sea.

Make the right preparations

  • If you are flying to Tenerife in December, you have to pack the swimsuit, to the jacket, everything. Because even in summer it is there so that it always cools in the evening. This is due to the ever blowing wind around the Canary Islands.
  • You will find that you can relish lie in swimwear at the beach until about 17.00 clock and then it gradually gets cooler and cooler. You will begin to pull once on a T-shirt and wear long pants and a long sweatshirt at the latest at 19.00 clock. When packing definitely it.
  • If you plan to climb the Pico del Teide, you should definitely take a warm jacket. Because it is there you have partially true winter with snow. But that's exactly what makes the island so incredibly interesting. You start running in shorts and sweating and will enjoy top with thick jacket and freezing a unique view.
  • General Tenerife definitely worth a visit. And especially in winter, when all sit shivering in Germany and you get a tan in the sunshine on the beach, you will enjoy the relaxation even more intense.
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